corinne varón

Corinne Varón-Green’ s artistic journey, spanning more than five decades, celebrates the human experience and nature’s landscapes in her geometric and colorful designs. The fluidity of forms and lines that she began exploring through paint, photo and sculpture as a recent émigré from Perú in the 1970’s remain fully and boldly present in her current works. 

Corinne Varon war born in Lima Peru in 1954.  She lived in the US for 44 years and recently moved to Santo Domingo de Samara, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.  She holds a Harvard Doctorate in Cognition and Art.  What Varón has accomplished with her work is allowing the viewer to experience familiar settings with new eyes. 

In her expansive body of work, Varón’ s use of line, space, color and form reveals her celebration of the relationships and environments that surround us all. The vibrancy of color brings the viewer's attention to the present moment. Each familiar shape, introduced as if new, reminds the viewer of the multidimensionality of life. Each sinuous line - rising or falling - mimics the rhythms of our lives, like energy ebbing or flowing, relationships nourishing or depleting. 

Even the smallest details in the universe that surrounds us are deserving of reverie.
— Varón

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