Jessica Hoffmann Davis, Ed.D.
Author of Why our Schools Need the Arts and Why Our High Schools Need the Arts

“As a person and artist, Corinne Varón-Green is a spider woman, uniting in her powerful work the disparate elements of depth and decoration, vibrancy and subtlety, simplicity and complexity. Weaving these various threads into a web that glitters with sensitivity, self-knowledge, and cultural rootedness, Varón-Green deftly handles color, movement, and balance and allows us to experience her exuberant and layered vision and passion for being alive. We are gratefully enlarged by it all.”  

Jessica Hoffmann Davis, Ed. D. Founder and First Director of the Arts in Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Author’s website:

Leonor Perez, Ph.D., Ed.M.

“The power of Varón’s artwork is in its holistic gestalt. The whole is more powerful than the sum of its parts. My neurons are activated and neuropathways charged as I unveil within its larger form, smaller figures, movement, passion, fire, love. There is so much there. What each person sees is what each person’s heart and mind knows and can feel based on personal memory and collective consciousness.  Keep looking though and new sights, new feelings, new perceptions, mind, and heart will occur.  This artwork will leave an imprint; will brand something new on to the perceiver’s soul.  Varón’s artwork is brilliant, passionate and powerful. Bravo!”  

Mary Cazabon, Ed.D.

“I have been collecting Varón’s work for over 25 years and I contemplate her pieces daily from the walls of my living room, bedroom, and my office. Her work speaks to me by connecting deeply with that part of me that is curious, imaginative, color-loving, and thoughtful. Her work has a deep cultural connection with her native Peru while also capturing the universalisms of pain, sorrow, joy, and love. I am inspired by the energy in her work and I personally am transformed by how it evokes my own need for self-refection on a variety of themes and liberates my soul to soar. One of her paintings, entitled ‘The Lovers’, captures the essence of physical love by depicting two reclining faceless figures entwined in a tangled embrace of limbs and passionate abandon.  ‘Luna Llena’ (1990) speaks to me of darkness and hidden life in the form of ever-changing shapes in the hushed jungle. Over my bed, I have two works that she painted in 1988 that remind me of stained glass illuminations that transform my bedroom into a spiritual sanctuary. What else can one ask of art?”  

Rachel Simon

"Varon's use of lines is sinuous and elegant."

Rachel Simon is a New York Times Best-Selling Author and a nationally-recognized public speaker on issues related to diversity and disability. Her titles include the bestsellers The Story of Beautiful Girl and Riding The Bus With My Sister. Author’s website:

Scott & Tracy Riddell
Homeowners with ironART installations

"Building a home is a project full of details and decisions.  A solid foundation, good design, materials and construction form the basis but not the finish.  When choosing the railings, we knew we wanted iron but not the industrial or institutional effect such a choice can bring. Corinne listened to our ideas, and as the concept became clear, her enthusiasm fueled our excitement.  We felt a connection with Corinne and we set off on the railing project together.

Corinne provided the artistic talent we needed to complete our vision. Wholly inspired, she supplied a myriad of sketches of what would become a centerpiece in our new home.  We were soon choosing our favourites and Corinne’s [IRONArt] partner, Leo, then faithfully rendered the sketched concepts into ironART.  

The results are stunning.  We could not be happier with the art, the workmanship, and especially the results.  Everyone who has seen the final installation has expressed how special it is.  For ourselves, we feel that the art is a connection to the community. 

We whole-heartedly recommend Corinne and Leo to anyone interested in creating beautiful and unique functional art."

Tricia Busch

"I’m looking forward to … sharing your beautiful art work with everyone that visits our home! You have created many beautiful and creative interpretations of Sámara [Costa Rica] that really stand out to me and will remind me every day of our wonderful vacation there!"




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