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Corinne Varón Green

Corinne Varón was born in Lima in 1954.  She attended the Franco Peruano School graduating in 1971.  She spent her formative years in Peru until she left for the EEUU at age 17.  Knowing only Spanish and French, Corinne arrived to Boston where she was immersed in an English-only environment.  This cultural and linguistic shock prompted Corinne to develop keen observational and non-verbal communication skills, especially the visual language, which turned out to be critical for her survival in the North Eastern United Sates. 

In 1976, Corinne Varón declares herself an artist when she rents a large studio in the corner of Putnam and Pearl in Cambridge, MA and painting becomes her primary medium and a way of life. It is here where she continues her work and her studies, as she raises her daughter Lily Anna on her own and continues her untiring dedication to her art. In 2001, Corinne meets her husband Richard inspiring her to draw and paint a series about “Loving Couples”.  Together, Richard and Corinne moved to Samara, Costa Rica in 2015, where they currently live and work.

After 44 years in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, Varón moved to Costa Rica searching warmth and to re-connect with her Latino roots.  The extreme contrast of the blues, whites and grays were substituted for vibrant purples, greens and yellows inspired by all living things in Guanacaste, the North West part of Costa Rica.  

Corinne Varón holds a Doctorate Degree from Harvard University where she researched the correlation between Bilingualism, Art, and Cognition comparing “The Manifestation of the Self and Others in Children’s Drawings”.  Her Master’s Degree from Lesley University explored how Teaching Bilingual Children with Moderate Special Needs using art as a medium of instruction was most effective.  While earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Art History in 1976 from Brandeis University, Corinne’s undergraduate work was explorative in the numerous printing, painting and sculpting techniques.  As continuing education, Corinne Varón received a diploma in Graphic Design from New England School of Art and Design and enrolled at Wentworth College in many course to learn drafting and architectural rendering.

What Corinne Varón has accomplished with her work is allowing the viewer to experience familiar settings with new eyes. Her paintings are scenes refracted through prisms. The incredible vibrancy of the colors capture ones’ attention, the sinuous lines draws one in, and her imaginative geometric shapes remind us that even the smallest details in the universe that surrounds us are deserving of reverie.

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