corinne varón

Spanning over five decades, Corinne Varón’s artistic trajectory decisively starts in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the 1970’s with her studies of her own shadow, and continues, with her most recent figurative works produced in early 2019 in Costa Rica.

Corinne Varón’s extensive artistic journey captures the diversity inherent in the human existence with all its aspects, from the contextual, physical, to the spiritual and emotional.  Remarkably, the spontaneous fluidity of the human body that she began exploring through paint, photo and sculpture as a recent émigré from Perú, remains fully and boldly present in her current works.  Corinne Varón’s perspective, in all subject matters, remains geometric, colorful with sinuous and elegant lines.

 In taking a tour of Corinne Varón’s art works, viewers can come upon her raw feelings of being silenced by the male dominated society, the anger and hurt of the abused female body, her anti-war sentiments as well as the frenzy of a passionate embrace between lovers as well as the colorful vibrations of a romantic whimsical landscape. The collection of works includes a wide sample of her art using a diversity of mediums and dating from various stages in her career.

The distinctive manner in which Corinne Varón uses lines, space, color and forms, reminds the viewer of the multidimensionality of life and divulges Corinne’s revelry of the human condition. 

Even the smallest details in the universe that surrounds us are deserving of reverie.
— Varón

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